PirateBox Changelog


Released on October 10, 2014

  • [Fix] Setting permissions of shoutbox data file
  • [New] Service File for RPi image
  • [Fix] Several typos in scripts
  • [Fix] Typo in the front page and the directory listing
  • [Fix] in timsave.sh while restoring date&time
  • [Fix] [OpenWRT] Timesave for creating bootup and restore
  • [Fix] [OpenWRT] Fix for “already installed” recognition to skip parts
  • [Fix] [OpenWRT] Fix for errors during installing piratebox-mod-imageboard because of duplicate links
  • [Fix] [OpenWRT] Fix for LED flashing during auto install (box-installer on image)
  • [Fix] [OpenWRT] Fix for error messages on package reinstall. (extendRoot)
  • [Fix] No duplicate symlink after double “part2” via install_piratebox.sh
  • [New] Remove # in front of secret & password to force user to change it before using the board
  • [Fix] Button padding in UI
  • [Fix] Board Link out of nested Shared folder
  • [Fix] Russian Translation in Droopy
  • [Fix] ReDistribute DirectoryListing files upon initialization on first Startup
  • [Fix] [OpenWRT] Fixing customization of lease-file location for OpenWRT
  • [Fix] [OpenWRT] Fixes issues when extendRoot couldn't get initialized correctly
  • [New] [OpenWRT] Optimized handling of mount options in extendRoot
  • [Fix] Prevent XSS in forest.py


Released on May 30, 2014

  • New Responsive design based on Bootstrap
    • New Homepage
    • Directory Listing redesign
  • Added PirateBox installer (Box-Installer) 1) which radically simplifies installation and upgrade process
  • Hostname modification now possible during install using install_piratebox.sh
    • Hostname changing generates the redirect.html now based on a Schema file
  • UPnP Media Server added to base system (ReadyMedia, formerly MiniDLNA)
    • Sample configuration for UPnP Server (for normal Linux and OpenWRT)
  • Image Board (Kareha) added to base system which provides 4chan bulletin board functionality
  • Timesave script cleanup
    • Timesavescript is called now via /etc/init.d/piratebox timesave
  • Added JSON Mime-Type to lighttpd configuration
  • Enabled unescaped blanks in Upload-Folder (Fix)
  • Security fixes


Released on March 28, 2013

  • Solved the issues caused by dns-entries
  • Allows you to do an update instead of a needed fresh installation
  • Fixes about broken downloads of the opt/piratebox code
  • Improvement in error-handling during installaiton
  • Random hostname generation for better identifying Pirateboxes over Forban
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