PirateBox version-numbering

Version-Numbering after 1.0

With the release of PirateBox 1.0.0, we have instituted a new version-numbering scheme:

  • z.y.x
    • x = Bug-Fix release, that breaks no compatibility
    • y = Feature release, that is backward compatible (like deliver only configuration files for FTP-Server)
    • z = major release, that breaks backward compatibility (like adding FTP as default during bootup)
  • OpenWRT packages z.y.x-n
    • n is the release level of OpenWRT packages.
      • If there is a core issue within the OpenWRT runtime scripts, that version number will be increased.

In short, a change from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 will not require a complete re-install.

Moving forward, we will apply the following rules to the PirateBox version numbering:

  • z.y. Version are compatible with each other, which means:
    • If we release a new x Bugfix release ( 1.0.0 → 1.0.1 ), then you can update a running PirateBox with a simple update command.
    • You don't need to reinstall the OpenWRT package
    • We won't publish a new x release on OpenWRT without an issue within the scripts
    • On other platforms you have to exchange the complete scripts or adjust manually
  • Try to avoid unnecessary re-installation on OpenWRT-Systems
    • Raise Package-Version as little as possible
    • Do not align OpenWRT package versions against PirateBox-Core-package versions (see above)
  • z Releases deliver new core features, that changes backward capabilities significantly.


Before PirateBox release 0.6.3 on OpenWRT systems, the version-numbering system was confusing. That is a result of supporting the following platforms having its own special dependencies:

  • OpenWRT - Special installation scripts
  • Laptop - different init.d processes and do more network initialization
  • RaspberryPI - StartUp managemend sligtly different

With the 0.6 release, we cleaned up the version numbers and aligned the first two digits, to a major release and only the last digit/letter may differ depending on system individual issues.

  • 0.6 ⇒ Release Step
  • 0.6 N ⇒ n = a letter core script fix-level
  • 0.6.1 ⇒ OpenWRT(System) package Fix-Level