PirateBox' Github repositories

Work in progress.

Github-Repository Description
PirateBoxScripts_Webserver Contains all scripts you find in /opt/piratebox including the service file and script for creating the normal packages.
openwrt-image-build Generates the custom image files based upon OpenWrt imagebuilder and the PirateBox OpenWrt feed
arch_rpi_image_prepare Scripts to help you to create your RPi1 PirateBox image using qemu/kvm
openwrt-piratebox-feed This repository is derived from the single package repositories. The repository is used to hook it up into the OpenWrt build chain and create “100% made by OpenWrt-chain” packages
package-openwrt-piratebox single PirateBox package, which mounts the PirateBoxScripts_Webserver image into the system and customizes the OpenWrt-configuration
LibraryBox Installer Responsible for automatic installation of the PirateBox packages.
PirateBox-Mesh Core scripts for setting up mesh interfaces based upon B.A.T.M.A.N. advanced. These scripts are being reworked together with the repository package-openwrt-pbxmesh
package-openwrt-pbxmesh Contains the Makefile that generates the OpenWrt package file and maybe do modifications, if needed
package-openwrt-extendRoot This package contains the stuff need to be done to get a installation destination on the USB stick. During the initialization it enhances all needed parts, that PATH + librarylookup works. In addition for all needed software, that needs additional static linkings on the root filesystem, there is a module written, that -if installed to the USB stick- it creates links and do other modification, that the software on the USB installation destination can run
openwrt-dev-environment This is a series of scripts+makefile that help to automatize the development build and the creation of new stable+beta releases of PirateBox
package-openwrt-pbxopkg That package only enhances the opkg.conf of the package src of the PirateBox package. It is a clean way, that we don't need to hack around in the opkg.conf
website-phorum-integration This is the theme of the forum.
openwrt-temp-repository ??
PirateBoxScripts The very first set of PirateBox scripts, which only included python stuff and no webserver
AndroidPirateBox Android-PirateBox Codebase