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 </​code>​ </​code>​
-==== 0b. PreSetup A5-V11 ==== +
-  * Having an A5-V11 running OpenWrt LEDE. I've used [[https://​openwrt.org/​toh/​unbranded/​a5-v11|this]] method. Scroll down to "​English (QualComm) Factory Firmware"​ +
-  * Once you have LEDE or OpenWRT installed, I suggest you sysupdate to [[http://​www.druss.org/​public/​test-build|this build]]. You can also use these files for factory install of LEDE and not need to sysupdate. +
-  * USB Flash Drive greater than 1GB formatted fat 32. (current data will be destroyed) +
-  * Root password is suggested but no longer required for LEDE. +
-  * Keep your A5-V11 hardwired and then connect via SSH to as root. Make sure the router it is connected to is NOT also +
-  * Copy and paste each into the command line of the shell prompt. +
-<​code>​ +
-vi /​etc/​config/​network +
-</​code>​ +
-press I to edit. +
-Under config interface '​lan'​ +
-change '​static'​ to '​dhcp'​ +
-then press SHIFT+Z, SHIFT+Z to exit. +
-<​code>​ +
-service network reload +
-</​code>​ +
-In my case, this is required by my router to access the internet. It wont allow Static IPs to connect to the internet as I manage "​static IPs" as reserved IPs on the router. +
-<​code>​ +
-ping google.com +
-</​code>​ +
-Work in Progress.+
 ==== 1. Setup Mounts ==== ==== 1. Setup Mounts ====
 === Format SD card === === Format SD card ===