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-For general FAQs about the project, please refer to the **[[faq|FAQ page]]**.+<​html>​ 
 +<div class="​jumbotron">​ 
 +<​p>​Technical FAQs and troubleshooting pages for the <​b>​PirateBox.</​b> ​For general ​questions about the project, please visit the <​b><​a href="/​faq">​PirateBox ​FAQs page.</​a></​b></​p>​ 
 +<img src="/​_media/​pbx33.jpg"​ class="​img-responsive img-rounded"​ alt="​PirateBox Troubleshooting"> ​  
 +===== OpenWrt ===== 
 +For technical assistance with OpenWrt, please visit the **[[openwrt:​troubleshooting|OpenWrt Troubleshooting page]]**. 
 +===== Raspberry Pi(rate)Box ===== 
 +For technical assistance with the Raspberry Pi(rate)Box,​ please visit the **[[raspberry_pi:​troubleshooting|Raspberry Pi(rate)Box Troubleshooting page]]**. 
 +===== Additional Support ===== 
 +For general questions ​about the PirateBox ​project, please refer to the **[[faq|FAQ page]]**. 
 +For additional support, please visit the **[[http://​forum.piratebox.cc|PirateBox Forum]]** or our official **[[irc|IRC channel]]**. 
 +**Please note:** Before posting on the forum, please review **[[http://​catb.org/​~esr/​faqs/​smart-questions.html|this article]]** on "How To Ask Questions The Smart Way".  
 +Key recommendations include: 
 +  * Use meaningful, specific subject headers 
 +  * Be explicit about your question 
 +  * Be precise and informative about your problem 
 +  * Grovelling is not a substitute for doing your homework 
 +  * Describe the problem'​s symptoms, not your guesses 
 +  * Describe your problem'​s symptoms in chronological order 
 +  * Describe the goal, not the step 
 +  * Don't ask people to reply by private e-mail or private message 
 +  * Courtesy never hurts, and sometimes helps 
 +  * Follow up with a brief note on the solution if you find one