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 +<div class="​jumbotron">​
 +<div class="​pull-right">​
 +<span class="​post-date"><​b><​small>​November 17, 2019</​small></​b></​span>​
 +<​h1>​We are closing..</​h1> ​
 +As you may noticed, there isn't much activity in the last month. The reason is mostly described in <a href=https://​forum.piratebox.cc/​read.php?​9,​23070>​this forum post</​a>​. The forum is already switch in read-only mode, you can discuss on <a href=https://​www.reddit.com/​r/​Piratebox/>/​r/​piratebox</​a>​.
 +The website, downloads and everything else will continue running in 2020, but will be shut off at the end of 2020.
 +Matthias ​
 <​html>​ <​html>​
 <div class="​jumbotron">​ <div class="​jumbotron">​