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 </​html>​ </​html>​
-<​html>​ +Learn more about the PirateBox by reading the [[faq|PirateBox' FAQ]] and [[goals|Goals of the PirateBox project]]. Also check out our [[photos|PirateBox Photos]][[press|PirateBox Press page]], and [[https://​forum.piratebox.cc|PirateBox Forum]].
-<p>Learn more about the PirateBox by reading the <a href="/​faq">PirateBox ​FAQs</​a>​. Also check out our <a href="/​photos">PirateBox Photos</a><a href="/​press">PirateBox Press page</a>, and <a href="​http://​forum.piratebox.cc">PirateBox Forum</a>. +
-</​p>​ +