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-<​html>​ + 
-<div class="​jumbotron">​ +
-<​h1>​Raspberry Pi(rate)Box</​h1>​  +
-<​p><​b>​Raspberry Pi(rate)Box 1.0 </b> is <​b><​a href="​http://​downloads.piratebox.de/​ArchLinuxARM-2014.05-PirateBox1.0.0_rpi_1.0.0.img.zip.torrent">​now available for download via BitTorent.</​a></​b>​ See our <​b>​easy DIY instructions below </b> for details on how to <​b>​build your own Pi(rate)Box.</​b><​br/>​ +
-<img src="/​_media/​pirate-pi.1.jpg?​w=800&​tok=8a91c9"​ class="​img-responsive img-rounded"​ alt="​PirateBox Team" +<div jumbotron> 
 +**June 2, 2015**
-</​div>​ +====== Register for PirateBox Camp 2015! ======
-====== PirateBox Raspberry Pi DIY ====== +Our **free registration** for **PirateBox Camp 2015 in Berlin, Germany (July 18-19) is now open!** You can register by sending a quick email to **camp[at]piratebox.cc**
-**PirateBox** is an **anonymous offline mobile file-sharing and communications system** built with **free software** and inexpensive ​**off-the-shelf hardware**. You can use it to transform any space into a free and open offline communications and file sharing network. ​**[[:faq|Learn more about PirateBox ​on our FAQ page!]]**+And you can **learn more** about **[[/camp|PirateBox ​Camp here!]]**
 +{{:​camp:​2015:​piratebox.camp.2015.jpg?​250|PirateBox Camp 2015}}
-===== Install PirateBox ​ ====== +</div>
-The following instructions are for installing **PirateBox** on a Raspberry Pi. For support, be sure to check out the **[[http://​forum.piratebox.cc/​list.php?​7|Raspberry Pi(rate)Box discussion board]]** on our **[[http://​forum.piratebox.cc|PirateBox Forum]]**.+
-==== Stuff You'll Need ==== 
-<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​1.</​b></​span></​html>​ **Raspberry Pi** **[[amazon>​B009SQQF9C|(Amazon)]] **[[http://​www.newegg.com/​Product/​Product.aspx?​Item=9SIA0AT1AK5908&​cm_re=raspberry_pi-_-13-142-001-_-Product|(Newegg)]]** 
-<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​2.</​b></​span></​html>​ **SD Card** 
-<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​3.</​b></​span></​html> ​**USB Wi-Fi Adapter [[:raspberry_pi:piratebox_wifi_compatibility|(compatible devices)]]** ​+===== Image caching ===== 
 +**1.** Add the image like normal to the page with the {{}}tags: 
 +  {{:pirate-pi.1.jpg?​200|}}
-<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​4.</​b></​span></​html> ​**5 volt power supply**+**2.** Press "​preview"​ and check the source code. On Chrome & Firefox you can use "​inspect element"​ to find the cached URL:
-<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​5.<​/b></span></​html>​ **USB Flash Drive** (formatted FAT32 with a single partition) The Kingston DT 16GB works well **[[amazon>​B00DYQYITG|(Amazon)]]** **[[http://​www.newegg.com/​Product/​Product.aspx?Item=9SIA12K11S3818&cm_re=Kingston_DTSE9H_16GB-_-20-239-003-_-Product|(Newegg)]]** +  ​/_media/pirate-pi.1.jpg?w=200&tok=3d3a0e
- +
-<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​6.</​b></​span></​html>​ **Ethernet cable** +
- +
-<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​7.</​b></​span></​html>​ **Computer with ethernet port**  +
- +
-<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​8.</​b></​span></​html>​ **5V/USB Battery** (optional) +
- +
-==== Installation ==== +
-<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​1.</​b></​span></​html>​ First, using a **BitTorrent client** ([[https://​www.transmissionbt.com/​|Transmission for OS X and Linux]]) ([[http://​www.utorrent.com/​|uTorrent for Windows]]) on your computer, download a copy of the **[[http://​download.piratebox.de/​ArchLinuxARM-2014.05-PirateBox1.0.0_rpi_1.0.0.img.zip.torrent|Raspberry Pi(rate)Box 1.0 image]]**. **Note:** Please help seed this file for other PirateBox downloaders! +
- +
-<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​2.</​b></​span></​html>​ Extract the **ArchLinuxARM-2014.05-PirateBox*.zip** file and follow the **Easy Raspberry Pi SD Card Setup instructions** to install the image to your SD card: **[[http://​elinux.org/​RPi_Easy_SD_Card_Setup#​Flashing_the_SD_card_using_Mac_OSX|OS X instructions]]** **[[http://​elinux.org/​RPi_Easy_SD_Card_Setup#​Flashing_the_SD_Card_using_Windows|Windows instructions]]** **[[http://​elinux.org/​RPi_Easy_SD_Card_Setup#​Flashing_the_SD_Card_using_Linux_.28including_on_a_Pi.21.29|Linux instructions]]** +
-  +
-<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​3.</​b></​span></​html>​ Once you've finished copying the **Raspberry Pi(rate)Box** image to your SD card, insert it into the Raspberry Pi and connect it via ethernet cable to your home router. Be sure your USB Wi-Fi adapter and FAT32 formatted USB drive are both plugged in (see above for more info on compatible devices) +
- +
-<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​4.</​b></​span></​html>​ Wait 2-3 minutes for your Pi to fully boot and then open a terminal window (for OS X, go to Applications > Utilities > Terminal; for Windows, install and open [[http://​www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/​~sgtatham/​putty/​|PuTTY]]) and ssh into your PirateBox:​ +
- +
-  ssh root@alarmpi+
   ​   ​
-The **password** is: root 
-<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​5.</​b></​span></​html>​ Once you've logged in, change your password (to something you'll remember!) by using the password command: 
-  passwd ​ 
-**Note:** you will be prompted to enter and then confirm your new password. 
-<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​6.</​b></​span></​html>​ Next you should issue the following command to start your PirateBox: 
-  systemctl start piratebox 
-<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​7.</​b></​span></​html>​ You should also issue the following command to enable PirateBox to start automatically when you boot your Pi: 
-  systemctl enable piratebox 
-<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​8.</​b></​span></​html>​ Now remove the ethernet cable from your Pi and disconnect the power. You're now ready to activate the Kareha Image and Discussion Board and the UPnP server. See the **[[openwrt:​diy#​Post-Installation]]** instructions below for details. 
 ---- ----
-===== Post-Installation ====== +<​html>​ 
-Once you have installed or upgraded your PirateBox, follow these final steps to activate the Kareha Image and Discussion Board and configure and start the UPnP media server. +<div class="jumbotron"> 
- +  ​<h1>PirateBox ​1.0</h1
-<​html><​span style="font-size:​125%;​"><​b>1.</b></​span></​html>​Power up your PirateBox (make sure it is not connected via ethernet cable) and join the SSID "​PirateBox:​ Share freely"​ network. Then open a terminal window (for OS X, go to Applications > Utilities > Terminal; for Windows, install and open [[http://​www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/​~sgtatham/​putty/​|PuTTY]]) and ssh into your PirateBox:​ +  <p><​b>​PirateBox 1.0</​b> ​has arrived! This version is rebuilt from the ground up and brings added stability and lots of new features.</p>  
- +  <p><a href="/openwrt:diy" ​class="btn btn-success btn-lg" ​role="button">Build a PirateBox now!</a></p>
-  ​ssh root@ +
- +
-<html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"​><​b>​2.</b></​span></​html>​ Activate ​the Kareha Image and Discussion Board by using the vi text editor (**[[http://​www.lagmonster.org/docs/​vi.html|vi cheat sheet]]**) to change the admin username and password (ADMIN_PASS and SECRET): +
- +
-  ​vi /​opt/​piratebox/​www/​board/​config.pl +
- +
-<html><span style="font-size:125%;"><​b>​3.</​b></​span></​html>​ Activate the "timesave functionality" ​once: +
- +
-   /​opt/​piratebox/​bin/​timesave.sh /​opt/​piratebox/​conf/​piratebox.conf install +
- +
-<​html><​span style="font-size:​125%;​"><b>4.</b></span></​html>​ Point your browser to http://​piratebox.lan/​board/​kareha.pl for the first initialization.+
   ​   ​
-<html><​span style="font-size:125%;"><​b>5.</​b></​span></htmlActivate the UPnP Media Server ​by copying over the config file: + <img src="/​_media/​pbx1.jpg"​ class="img-responsive img-rounded"​ alt="​PirateBox 1.0"> ​  
-  cp /etc/minidlna.conf ​/etc/minidlna.conf.bkp +     
-  ​cp  ​/opt/​piratebox/​src/linux.example.minidlna.conf ​       /​etc/​minidlna.conf+<h1>PirateBox 1.0 Features</h1>  
 +<​p><​b>Responsive design</bfor ease of use with phones and tablets; ​<b>UPnP Media Server</b> for local streaming of movies and songs; <​b>​Image and Message Board</b> for 4chan-like functionality;​ <​b>​chat room</b> for anonymous communications;​ <​b>​browser-based file sharing system!</b></​p> ​ 
-**Note:** Optionally, you can edit the config file (change the display name, etc) with: +<​html>​
-  vi /​etc/​minidlna.conf +
- +
-<​html>​<span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​6.</​b></​span></​html>​ Finally, start the UPnP Media Server with: +
-  systemctl start minidlna +
-  systemctl enable minidlna +
-   +
-<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​7.</​b></​span></​html>​ Your PirateBox 1.0 should be ready to use! Be sure to also check out the **[[http://​forum.piratebox.cc/​list.php?​7|Raspberry Pi(rate)Box discussion board]]** on our **[[http://​forum.piratebox.cc|PirateBox Forum]]**. +
- +
- +
-===== Raspberry Pi(rate)Box Pages ===== +
-Below you will find a listing of all of the RaspberryPI pages on this site. +
- +
-  * [[https://​github.com/​PirateBox-Dev/​PirateBoxScripts_Webserver/​tree/​development/​BuildScripts/​RaspberryPi|How to create a re-usable Ras(pirate)Box image file]] +
-  * [[raspberry_pi:​piratebox_wifi_compatibility|Information about known compatibilities]] +
-  * [[raspberry_pi:​troubleshooting|RaspberryPi(rate)Box Troubleshooting]] +
- +
- +
 <​html>​ <​html>​
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 <span class="​post-date"><​b><​small>​June 6, 2014</​small></​b></​span>​ <span class="​post-date"><​b><​small>​June 6, 2014</​small></​b></​span>​
 </​div>​ </​div>​
-<​h1>​Raspberry Pi(rate)Box is here!</​h1> ​+<​h1>​Raspberry Pi(rate)Box ​1.0 is here!</​h1> ​
 <​p>​Our <​b>​Raspberry Pi(rate)Box 1.0</​b>​ image is now <​b><​a href="​http://​downloads.piratebox.de/​2013-02-06-wheezy-raspbian-PBx06E.zip.torrent">​available for download via BitTorent!</​a></​b> ​ <​p>​Our <​b>​Raspberry Pi(rate)Box 1.0</​b>​ image is now <​b><​a href="​http://​downloads.piratebox.de/​2013-02-06-wheezy-raspbian-PBx06E.zip.torrent">​available for download via BitTorent!</​a></​b> ​
   <​p><​a href="/​raspberry_pi"​ class="​btn btn-danger btn-lg"​ role="​button">​Build a Pi(rate)Box now!</​a></​p>​   <​p><​a href="/​raspberry_pi"​ class="​btn btn-danger btn-lg"​ role="​button">​Build a Pi(rate)Box now!</​a></​p>​