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 ====== Raspberry Pi(rate)Box Troubleshooting ====== ====== Raspberry Pi(rate)Box Troubleshooting ======
 +[[http://​piratepi.tweakblogs.net/​blog/​7764/​pirate-pi-based-on-raspberry-pi.html|Image source]]
 ==== Technical FAQ ==== ==== Technical FAQ ====
-=== Sample technical question? ​=== +=== Enabling PirateBox for startup seems not to work. === 
-This is sample answer...+Some USB Sticks take while until they are availablePirateBox Scripts try initialize the wifi card directlyIf the card is not available, it can be useful to enable a wait-time until the device become availableTo enable this device-polling run
-\\ +  sed -i '​s|PROBE_INTERFACE="​no"​|PROBE_INTERFACE="​yes"​|g'​ /​opt/​piratebox/​conf/​piratebox.conf
-=== Another sample technical question? ==== +The next reboot should workIf not, please report back to the forums.
-Here is another sample answer...+
 \\ \\
 +=== PirateBox does not work after system upgrade ===
 +The PirateBox RaspberryPi images are Archlinux based. In case you want to install additional software, it might be handy to run the upgrade commands:
 +  pacman -Syu
 +Sometimes the packages changes, so recently the dnsmasq package will now auto enable itself. So make sure that dnsmasq is properly disabled and stopped after installing your software:
 +  systemctl stop dnsmasq
 +  systemctl disable dnsmasq
 +You might consider restarting PirateBox after your activities:
 +  systemctl restart piratebox
 ==== Additional Support ==== ==== Additional Support ====
 For general questions about the PirateBox project, please refer to the **[[::​faq|FAQ page]]**. For general questions about the PirateBox project, please refer to the **[[::​faq|FAQ page]]**.