USB Wi-Fi Adapters for Raspberry Pi(rate)Box

The official eLinux wiki provides information about Verified Raspberry Pi WiFi Adapters. Unfortunately not all devices have been tested for AP (Access Point) functionality, which is a core requirement for building a Pi(rate)Box. Look for the Chipset of supported devices, other devices with the same Chipset will also have AP functionality.

PirateBox tested

The following USB Wi-Fi Adapters are confirmed as working out of the box with the PirateBox:

Please note: Some USB Wi-Fi Adapters will only work with a compatible USB hub. More info about compatible USB hubs on the eLinux Wiki.

If you know of an adapter that is confirmed working and not listed above, please report it in the PirateBox forum. Please also take the time to mark the device AP capable on the eLinux wiki.

Additional configuration required

rt3270 Chipset

  • Widemac USB 2.0 150 MBps 801.11N

Edit /opt/piratebox/conf/hostapd.conf and put a # in front of the following lines


rtl871xdrv Chipset

hostapd needs to be exchanged for that device. See this forum thread for a detailed HowTo

Not working