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   *[[raspberry_pi:​mods:​sfpg|Set up Single File PHP Gallery]]   *[[raspberry_pi:​mods:​sfpg|Set up Single File PHP Gallery]]
   *[[http://​blog.danielpecos.com/​2013/​09/​raspberrypi-custom-command-button/#​more-648|RaspberryPI Shutdown button via GPIO]]   *[[http://​blog.danielpecos.com/​2013/​09/​raspberrypi-custom-command-button/#​more-648|RaspberryPI Shutdown button via GPIO]]
 +  *[[laptop:​mods|PirateBox Mods]] for PirateBox itself and not RPi or one-chip specific. ​
 +  *A very hardcore plain howto to get Mesh on RPi up and running: [[raspberry_pi:​mods:​mesh|Mesh RPi]]
 ===== Switch used wifi adapter ===== ===== Switch used wifi adapter =====