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theexpertnoob needed an extra folder with proper permissions.
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 sudo chown alarm:alarm /​opt/​piratebox/​share/​gallery sudo chown alarm:alarm /​opt/​piratebox/​share/​gallery
 sudo chmod 775 /​opt/​piratebox/​share/​gallery sudo chmod 775 /​opt/​piratebox/​share/​gallery
 +sudo mkdir /​opt/​piratebox/​share/​gallery/​_sfpg_data
 +sudo chown nobody:​nogroup /​opt/​piratebox/​share/​gallery/​_sfpg_data
 +sudo chmod 755 /​opt/​piratebox/​share/​gallery/​_sfpg_data
 </​code>​ </​code>​