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 +<div class="​jumbotron">​
 +<​h1>​PirateBox on Arduino Yún</​h1>​
 +The PirateBox setup for the <a href="​http://​arduino.cc/​en/​Main/​ArduinoBoardYun?​from=Products.ArduinoYUN">​Arduino Yún</​a>​ is relatively simple, because the Yún comes with OpenWrt pre-installed.
 +Follow the instructions below to setup your PirateBox.
 +In case you run into trouble and need to re-flash the Yún, follow the instructions described on the <a href="​http://​arduino.cc/​en/​Tutorial/​YunUBootReflash">​Reflashing the OpenWrt</​a>​ web page.
 +==== Stuff You'll Need ====
 +<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​1.</​b></​span></​html>​ Arduino Yún
 +<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​2.</​b></​span></​html>​ USB Flash Drive (formatted FAT32 with a single partition)
 +<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​3.</​b></​span></​html>​ 5V/USB Battery (optional)
 +==== Installation Steps ====
 +<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​1.</​b></​span></​html>​ Login to the Yún via SSH (use standard user/​password)
 +<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​2.</​b></​span></​html>​ Edit the file /​etc/​opkg.conf:​
 +  #option check_signature
 +  src/gz piratebox http://​stable.openwrt.piratebox.de/​all/​packages
 +  ​
 +<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​3.</​b></​span></​html>​ Update packages:
 +  opkg update
 +<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​4.</​b></​span></​html>​ Install the extendRoot package:
 +  opkg install extendRoot
 +  /​etc/​init.d/​ext init
 +  ​
 +<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​5.</​b></​span></​html>​ Refresh ash profile:
 +  source /​etc/​profile
 +  ​
 +<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​6.</​b></​span></​html>​ Install the PirateBox package:
 +  opkg -d ext install extendRoot-piratebox
 +  ​
 +<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​7.</​b></​span></​html>​ Change the dnsmasq interface:
 +  sed '​s/​DNSMASQ_INTERFACE="​br-lan"/​DNSMASQ_INTERFACE="​wlan0"/'​ -i /​opt/​piratebox/​conf/​piratebox.conf
 +  ​
 +<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​8.</​b></​span></​html>​ The password is still the standard Yún password, you can change that by typing:
 +  passwd
 +  ​
 +<​html><​span style="​font-size:​125%;"><​b>​9.</​b></​span></​html>​ As a final step, you can reboot the Yún:
 +  reboot