Install PirateBox without a custom image

If you have a device, that has no shipped auto-installation, you can still install PirateBox with manual instructions.


  • You need a device with an USB or SDCard slot.
  • Your device needs to be compatible to AttitudeAdjustment release from OpenWrt. The current trunk and BarrierBreaker release is not supported, because we can't guarantee it as working.
  • Flash your device with OpenWrt refering to OpenWrt wiki.
  • Make Internet-access available on your device.

Steps to be done

  • Login to your Box via SSH (use standard root/<your password>) or telnet (if root password not set). The IP depends on the way you made Internet available, i.e.
  • Run the following command:
  echo "src/gz piratebox" >> /etc/opkg.conf
  • On ChaosCalmer, you need to disable signature checking for the repository, because we don't have signed repositories yet. Edith /etc/opkg.conf and remove the line option check_signature 1 or run.
  sed 's|option check_signature 1||g' -i /etc/opkg.conf
  • Update packages:
  opkg update
  • Install the extendRoot package:
  opkg install extendRoot
  • Optional: If you have a different installation destination, like a SDCard, edit '/etc/ext.config' , and change the USB device option.
  • Optional: If you are challenging your luck with using BreakingBarrier or ChaosCalmer OpenWrt version, you might need to do a reboot after this step.
  • Initialize extendRoot:
  /etc/init.d/ext init
  • Refresh ash profile:
  source /etc/profile
  • Install the PirateBox package:
  opkg -d ext install extendRoot-piratebox
  • Optional: Install UPNP Server and imageboard
  opkg -d ext install extendRoot-minidlna
  opkg -d ext install piratebox-mod-imageboard
  • As a final step, you can reboot the device:

Post Installation

After you finished the setup, you can run the normal post-installation steps.