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PirateBox Mods

There are several use cases in which a user may wish to modify their PirateBox. The following is a list of pages with additional info about modifying the PirateBox. Please also visit the PirateBox Forum for more info and support.

Generic Mods

This section contains concepts and HowTo's for using the PirateBox within a custom network environment or other situations. Currently we can provide this nice tutorial: PirateBox behind an AP.

OpenWRT Mods

Please visit the OpenWrt Mods page.

Laptop Mods

For modifications in the core scripts please visit the Laptop Mods page. Most of these modifications work out on Raspberry Pi(rate)Box too.

Raspberry Pi(rate)Box Mods

Raspberry Pi(rate)Box specific modification can be found at the Raspberry Pi(rate)Box Mods page. In the most common situations the listed modifications on Laptop Mods page does work for RPi-PirateBox too.