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-====== PirateBox Mods ====== +<​html>​ 
-Information about PirateBox ​mods goes here...+<div class="​jumbotron">​ 
 +<h1>PirateBox Mods</​h1> ​ 
 +<​p>​There are several instances in which a user may wish to <​b>​modify a PirateBox</b> and the following list of pages provides more infoPlease also visit the <​b><​a href="​http://​forum.piratebox.cc">​PirateBox Forum</​a></​b>​ for additional ideas and support.</p>
-FIXME+<img src="/​_media/​piratebox-sk8box2.jpg"​ class="​img-responsive img-rounded"​ alt="​PirateBox Mods"> ​  
-==== OpenWrt ​Mods ====+==== OpenWRT ​Mods ====
 Please visit the **[[openwrt:​mods|OpenWrt Mods page]]**. Please visit the **[[openwrt:​mods|OpenWrt Mods page]]**.
 ==== Raspberry Pi(rate)Box Mods ==== ==== Raspberry Pi(rate)Box Mods ====
-Please visit the **[[raspberry_pi:​mods|Raspberry Pi(rate)Box Mods page]]**.+Raspberry Pi(rate)Box specific modification can be found at the **[[raspberry_pi:​mods|Raspberry Pi(rate)Box Mods page]]**
 +In the most common situations the listed modifications on the **[[laptop:​mods|Laptop Mods page]]** also work for the Pi(rate)Box too.  
 +==== Generic Mods ==== 
 +This section contains concepts and HowTo'​s for using the PirateBox within a custom network environment or other situations. Currently we can provide these nice tutorials: [[generic:​mods:​piratebox_behind_ap|PirateBox behind an AP]] and [[generic:​mods:​customize_imageboard|Custom Tripcodes/​Capcodes in Kareha Imageboard]]. 
 +Also checkout our [[generic:​mods:​theming|Theme-HowTo]].
 ==== Laptop Mods ==== ==== Laptop Mods ====
-Please ​visit the **[[laptop:​mods|Laptop Mods page]]**.+For modifications in the core scripts please ​visit the **[[laptop:​mods|Laptop Mods page]]**. 
 +Most of these modifications work out on Raspberry Pi(rate)Box too.