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 ====== Goals of the PirateBox project ====== ====== Goals of the PirateBox project ======
 +  - PirateBox provides easy file sharing and messaging over a local area network.
 +  - PirateBox is designed to educate the public and make them aware about online censorship, surveillance and freedom of speech.
 +  - PirateBox truly respects privacy and thus does not collect any access or connection logs from its users.
 +  - PirateBox has an educational purpose and aims to teach about computer programming and computer networks.
 +  - PirateBox network (AP) should be open, and use open networking standards to allow communication with other users.
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-This page is **work in progress** 
-  - PirateBox is a piece of software which should easily do local filesharing. + 
-  PirateBox collects no access or connection logs. +---- 
-  ​We have an education purpose in terms of Linux & network learning. + 
-  ​The PirateBox network (AP) should be open to easy networking with other clients. +{{ :pbx6.jpg?​nolink&​400 |}}
-  - PirateBox is customizable and gives the user the possiblity to share his world (in terms of thoughts, files, visions) with other people.+