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 +<div class="​media">​
 +  <a class="​pull-left"​ href="#">​
 +    <img class="​media-object"​ src="​http://​3.bp.blogspot.com/​-yGIepwkPkmE/​TtelkoyHASI/​AAAAAAAAAIg/​hWSjTZQnRx4/​s1600/​piratebox_adam.png"​ alt="">​
 +  </a>
 +  <div class="​media-body">​
 +<h4 class="​media-heading">​Easy to Use</​h4>​
 +Using the PirateBox is easy. Simply turn it on and transform any space into a free communication and file sharing network. Users within range of the device can join the PirateBox open wireless network from any wifi-enabled device and begin chatting and sharing files immediately.
 +<h4 class="​media-heading">​DIY and Free</​h4>​
 +PirateBox is registered under the GNU GPLv3. This license grants the right to freely copy, distribute, and transform creative works according to the principles of copyleft.
 +<h4 class="​media-heading">​More!</​h4>​
 +Learn more about the PirateBox by reading the <​b><​a href="/​faq">​PirateBox FAQs</​a><​b>​. Also check out the <​b><​a href="/​news">​PirateBox News</​a></​b>,​ <​b><​a href="/​photos">​PirateBox Photos</​a><​b>,​ <​b><​a href="/​press">​PirateBox Press page</​a></​b>,​ and <​b><​a href="​http://​forum.daviddarts.com">​PirateBox Forum</​a></​b>​.
 +  </​div>​